Embracing the Venom

The original ad was found on the Venom energy drink website. This company provides energy drinks in various flavors. https://www.venomenergy.com/

And here is a picture of the original design.

Venom Background

Venom Background Draw Over

Drawn over, we can see that they use alignment with the can and the wording. It is directly in the middle of the can. They use vibrant colors, especially with the reds. They also use a serif font with their little slogan.

Ad Campaign Draw over mine

For my ad campaign I decided to use the same basic design concept but I wanted to add a little bit more for it to catch the eye.

The logo is implemented in the side, further reinforcing the product. A stylized font is also combined with it to make it more similar to the venom logo font. The alignment with the snake and the word venom are together.

I wanted to keep the same vibrant theme in terms of color. I decided I would use an orange red for the font and the logo to make it stand out from the red background but also to still be similar to the red. The snake color was chosen to stand out as well. It is a brighter yellow snake and it adds to the vibrant theme.

The mouth of the snake and the both venom words are aligned so that you can associate the two together.

In conclusion, I wanted to make the ad a little bit more interesting whilst keeping the integrity of the original. This is why the logo and snake were added. They were meant to draw a little more attention and to not be so bland.

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Reverse Engineer Post Mark Epley

The content of this post comes from a page out of a Newsweek special.  This was a special edition of Michael Jordan.  I found this magazine at a local store therefore I could not obtain the specific page online. Unfortunately, the designer of the specific page could not be found either.  However, this magazine can be found at https://onnewsstandsnow.com/products/newsweek-jordan-35-years-of-greatness.



Michael Jordan magazineUnaltered imageMichael Jordan magazine Text

This is an image of the different stylized texts.  The word “The” is done in a a script type of text.  You can see it is more like a signature than computer generated text.  By contrast the word “Goodbye” is done in a serif style.  These two contrast because the script looks more handwritten and the serif looks more like something that would be found in a magazine.

Michael Jordan magazine picture

The picture that I wanted to use in this article was the one outlined in orange.


Michael Jordan Magazine cropped rule of thirds


This part of the photograph demonstrates the rule of thirds.  This is because the subject is on the offset axis of the photo and not directly in the middle.


Michael Jordan magazine depth of field

This part of the photo displays the depth of field concept.  This is because the subject (Michael Jordan) is in focus while the background is blurred out.  This makes the subject more clearly defined.

Michael Jordan Magazine leading lines

This part of the photo shows leading lines.  Though there may not be a defining inanimate object, the body of the player creates the natural lines that will lead you to the rest of the image.

Project photo 1

This photo uses leading lines and depth of field and rule of thirds.  This is because the focus is on the person with the basketball and the hoop. The individual and the hoop are both not dead center but on the rule of thirds axis.  The brown line in the background helps lead your eyes to the hoop from the person with the ball.  The background is out of focus to help determine what the subjects of the photo are.  This relates to the article because it encapsulates the love of basketball which many people, including Michael Jordan, carry with them.

Project Poto 2

This photo has the lines on the court floor to present the leading lines concept.  There is natural flow to the photo.  The depth of field is at play in the background.  The ball is in focus while the back of the court is not.   This also follows the rule of thirds because the basketball is offset to the left and is not directly in the middle.  This can be used in the article because Michael Jordan was a basketball icon.  It only makes sense that a basketball could be used as the subject matter.

Project Photo 3

This photo helps capture the rule of thirds.  This is because the subjects, the basketball trophies are offset on the rules of thirds lines.  Leading lines are used here.  In this case they are vertical.  The sides of the glass cases can  be seen giving the trophies a bigger appearance in the glass case.  This photo can be used in the article because Michael Jordan was a champion and an idol.  The metal basketball player indicates and idol and the trophies indicate champions.


The above principles contribute to the overall feel of greatness and impact.  Michael Jordan was a transcendent figure in American culture and his effects are still seen to this day.  The design of the article and the photos indicate greatness and lasting impact.

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